• A new way of managing your visitor.
  • MFF is a cost effective middleware.
  • A cost effective system for construction company.
  • A complete system for dynamic campus and colleges.
  • A specific accounting system for estate company.
  • Can’t find a suitable system, we built it for you.
  • Making your project deliver your business results.
  • We provide RFID solution & services

About Us

Projek Sistematik Sdn Bhd (PSSB) was founded in 2006. We started our business by providing Project Management Office (PMO) services and managing end-to-end multimillion dollars IT project.

PSSB has grown from its inception to a company that provide 1st class IT solutions with variety of IT product & services ranging from hardware, software and consultancy services to a wide range of SME's and Multinational companies.

The company has advocating the importance of transforming an organisation by providing business solutions in the areas related to visitor management solution, data automation, Construction management solution, Campus management solution, Estate Plantation management solution, RFID Inventory Tracking Solution and other customized systems.

Vision & Mission:

  • To provide a structured, highly professional and well managed IT services to organizations to help improve its productivity.
  • To identify the current trends in office automation products and market these products to organizations to help resolve day to day operational issues.
  • To advocate Project Management Standards/Practices and good governance in project management by introducing the importance of the Project Management Office (PMO) in organizations.
  • To be the Project Management Consultancy and IT Business Solution Provider of choices.