• A new way of managing your visitor.
  • MFF is a cost effective middleware.
  • A cost effective system for construction company.
  • A complete system for dynamic campus and colleges.
  • A specific accounting system for estate company.
  • Can’t find a suitable system, we built it for you.
  • Making your project deliver your business results.
  • We provide RFID solution & services

Visitor Management System




 VMS is the premier software for visitor management and tracking. 

Satisfy your visitor

VMS is the tool that adapts to the needs of many demanding clients and is packed with functionality that helps you satisfy your visitors at the very first go. 

High reliability

Each functionality delivered by VMS is of highest reliability to ensure fast payback for the wise investment being made.

Improve organization image

With the advantage VMS gives you, you may now easily and swiftly streamline your reception or security desk thereafter reducing the visitor waiting time. This will greatly enhance your organization image, spearheading into the new technological era.


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