Towing Service Near You.

Choose among the available tow truck drivers near you and the APP provide you with the distance from the selected tow truck to your current location.

Tow Connect App

TowConnect provides you with the available towing service near you, in the case of emergency, when you need it. It is simple and reliable. You get to choose which tow truck driver, specify your current location, select your preferred workshop and knowing the towing fare prior to the services. It even provides you with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the tow truck. You may also contact the driver’s if need further information. When the tow truck arrives, you will get notified and you will get to see in the APP, the tow truck navigates to the selected workshop. You will get notified when the tow truck arrives at the workshop and the APP displays the towing fare. It’s that simple.

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